With so many options out there, it really is so hard to choose which T-shirt suits your needs. Defining factors to consider include fabric composition, weight, fit, neckline and what about price? It’s no wonder you cant quite figure out which one to choose.

But don’t worry, we can help. It just means you need to decide what factors are most important to you and this will largely be influenced by your end use. So if you have a once off occasion such as a sports day, birthday or in-store promotion then price will likely be the most important consideration. In these instances choose 145g T-shirt options, they are great for promotional use and are definitely the cheapest. We have options in adult and kids sizes.

So what if you are looking for a T-shirt with better wash and wear? Well our 160g T-shirt options are best, they are great quality and will ensure you want to wear them frequently and look neat. Look at these links for men’s and ladies options in the 160g T-shirts.

For a superior T-shirt, you can consider a heavier weight such as 170g or 190g. We have 190g available in both men’s and ladies T-shirts. But sometimes its not as much about weight, as it is about fit. For this reason we also offer a fashion fit T-shirt in a 150g weight in both mens and ladies sizes.

The classic T-shirt cut has a crew neckline but you can also choose to have a v-neck which some customers prefer as it has a more fashionable look. We offer v-neck T-shirts in both men’s and ladies cuts.

So next time you need T-shirts, consider your end use and what your most important defining factor is. This will make choosing the right T-shirt for your needs so much easier!

To get a quote select your favourite T-shirts from our website and submit for quote. Alternatively email us at info@getcorporateclothing.co.za