How do I ensure my branding or logo represents my corporate identity? How do I make sure that my logo is clear and visible and easy to read when printed or embroidered on the product I require? How do I decide on the size and position of my branding?

These are all valid questions when deciding how to execute your required branding on all products from promotional t-shirts to uniforms and stationary to promotional gifts. At the end of the day, your company logo and visibility is the most important factor when choosing to make use of promotional clothing or promotional gifts.

It all starts with your logo, is the design simple and striking? If your logo is too detailed or complex, this will make it more difficult to identify and you will either have to design a more simplified version or ensure you print or embroider the logo large enough to be clear and easy to read. Another important consideration is the file size of your logo, high resolution images are best to allow for best branding quality.

What are the colours in your logo? To maintain corporate identity, it is important to have the same tone of colour in your branding as your company logo. For this, it is best to refer to Pantone colours (Pantone colour guide), which are an international numbering system to identify colour and maintain colour consistency as every PC or laptop represents colour differently. This way your logo will be accurately represented in your branded products, and help you portray your brand in a professional light.

What colour product should I choose to complement my logo? Good question, because it can negatively impact your brand visibility if your branding fades into the background. But how do you avoid this? Simple, just consider how the colours of your logo will either fade into or stand out on your chosen colour product. So for instance if your logo is white and navy and you have chosen a black Golf shirt, will the navy wording of your logo stand out on the black fabric? Likely not, so best to chose a lighter colour which will bring your logo to the foreground and help it stay clearly visible and have impact.

What branding method should I use? What is cheaper, embroidery or printing? These are important factors to consider. Embroidery is the better choice when you are looking for a high end look and longevity of your branding, it is best suited to smaller designs either at the front left chest or on sleeves. Sometimes when your logo is small with multiple colours in it or you just require wording to be embroidered, then this may be the more cost effective route to go. That’s mostly due to the fact there are two factors that influence the cost of embroidery – stitch count (how many stitches in your design, influenced by the size and coverage of your logo) as well as the total units being embroidered. Each design needs to be digitised before it is embroidered, we send you the digitised image to approve before we embroider so that you can get an idea of what the embroidery branding will end up looking like.

Screen printing is best suited to branding t-shirts, or any other product which requires branding of a relatively simple logo or wording. The cost of screen printing is determined by the number of colours in the print and the number of units to be printed. Basically each colour in a screen print is printed onto the branding area one at a time so more colours require more screens and more time to print, therefore when you have one or two colours and you are printing a large area screen printing is almost always cheaper.

What about transfer printing? This process involves heat pressing the design from transfer paper onto the branding area. This process is ideal for clear and well defined logos (high resolution images) as the design can be as simple or complex as you like. So when you see logos with fading colours or with full colour images even photos, transfer printing will allow you to accurately print these images. But you must also consider that transfer prints don’t wash and wear too well so they are best suited to promotional garments for infrequent use.

When branding stationary or gifts your branding options will be limited to the surface or material you are branding onto and it is best to leave it up to the professionals to advise you on which route is best. That’s why we will always guide you on the best branding method for your product whether lazer cutting or pad printing, these methods are determined by your choice of product.

So now what about the size and position of the logo? Well, what is the end use of the product….do you need a t-shirt for promotional advertising at traffic lights? Then best to ensure you print front and back of the t-shirt so that your logo is clearly visible. Are you a relatively new brand? Why not include a slogan below your logo to tell people what you are all about. Do you need corporate uniforms? Keep your logo professional and discreet. Big logos are bold statements, they say – Look at me! Smaller branding such as front left chest logos are tasteful and neat. How you plan to use your clothing or promotional items will determine the size and position of your branding, but if you are unsure we will always make a recommendation.

Now that you have a better idea of how to execute your branding, chat to us and we will send you a quote on your required products and branding today!

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