Screen Printing

Should I use screen printing to brand my corporate products?

The process of screen printing involves each colour being printed one at a time through a screen onto clothing or any fabric. The ink is allowed to dry before the next colour is printed until all the colours have been printed and the design is complete. If your logo has clearly defined colours (no shading or fading) and has 6 or less colours in the design then it is best suited to screen printing.

What will my screen print look like?

Screen printing allows the ink to settle on the surface of your product. Screen printing can achieve even colour and the screen can be cut for fine detail or bold areas of colour.

What is required from me for screen printing?

You will need to send us an image of your logo or whatever you need branded, this image needs to be in one of the following formats (Vector format): PDF | AI | CDR

How much does screen printing cost?

Screen printing prices are determined by three factors:
1) The number of products being printed with the same design
2) The number of colours in the design which determines the number of screens which need to be cut
3) The size of the design such as A4 or A3
This means that if you only have 15 products needing the same print and the design has 3 or more colours, you will end up paying more than R60 for each print.

However if you have 150 units of a one colour print you could pay anything from R11.50 per print.


Reasons to screen print your branding instead of embroidery

  • Screen prints can go as big as A3 whereas embroidery is limited by the frame size
  • Turn around time is quicker on screen printing high quantities than embroidery
  • Fine detail and wording is clear and easier to read on screen prints than embroidery

Important to note when designing a logo for screen print:

  • You cannot screen print over seams so the position of your branding needs to be considered
  • Not all fabrics can be screen printed, such as fleece and any material with a rough surface will not have a smooth even print
  • Ensure your colours are clearly defined in your design as colours should not be printed over each other as this will create a smudged effect
  •  If your logo is navy and white, but you have chosen a navy golf shirt, it will mean that your logo will not be striking and in some cases not even visible. Try keep your logo and product choice colours complementary, but not exactly the same.