Should I use embroidery to brand my corporate products?

Embroidery is best suited for caps and hats or clothing and sometimes bags, it has a high end look to it and washes and wears well.

What will my embroidery look like?

Embroidery is when your logo is recreated using lots of tiny stitches. Your image of your logo needs to be digitised which is where a trained professional converts your design into a 3D format made up of stitches, once you have approved this new design, your product is placed in a frame on a computer-controlled sewing machine which uses stitches to create your design in full colour.

What is required from me for embroidery?

You will need to send us an image of your logo or whatever you need branded, this image needs to be in one of the following formats: PDF | JPG (high resolution) | AI | CDR

How much does embroidery cost?

Embroidery prices are determined by two factors:

  1. The number of products being embroidered with the same design
  2.  The number of stitches needed to fill the areas of the design

This means that if you only have 15 products needing the same embroidery and the design covers a large area such as the back of a shirt, you will end up paying more than R50 for each embroidery.
However if you have 150 units of a left chest embroidery you could pay anything from R13 to R35 depending on the number of stitches needed to fill your design.


Reasons to embroider your branding instead of printing

  • Some products cannot be printed such as fleece, certain moisture management fabrics and most caps. In these instances your only choice is to embroider
  • If you only have a few products and your design has more than 3 colours then embroidery may be a more cost effective route than screen printing
  • Another instance where it is better to embroider is when you are wanting each staff member’s name on their uniform

Important to note when designing a logo for embroidery

  • Wording can be difficult to read when it is too small, so keep all letters 5mm or bigger
  • If your logo is navy and white, but you have chosen a navy golf shirt, it will mean that your logo will not be striking and in some cases not even visible. Try keep your logo and product choice colours complementary, but not exactly the same.
  • Embroidery can have a longer lead time if you are needing high quantities branded