Digital Transfer Printing (Heat Press Printing)

Should I use transfer printing to brand my corporate products?

The technique of digital transfer printing is where an image is printed on a special vinyl, the design is then cut out and transferred onto the product with a heat press. You will need to transfer print any design which has more than 6 colours and has shading and fading of colours such as a photograph or any digital image.

What will my transfer print look like?

Your logo or image will look exactly as it does on your PC screen as the details are the same when the image is printed on the vinyl.

What is required from me for transfer printing?

You will need to send us an image of your logo or whatever you need branded, this image needs to be in one of the following formats : PDF | AI | CDR | JPG (high resolution)

How much does transfer printing cost?

Transfer printing prices are determined by the size of the design, as the cost lies in the paper, ink and labour. For this reason your price per print does not necessarily decrease the more units you have to print. The price can be anywhere from R8.50 for a small print (4 x 4cm) or as much as R35 for A4 size

Reasons to transfer print your branding instead of screen printing

  • If your design has multiple colours and it has shading and fading of colours and the outline of the design is clear, it will be best suited to transfer printing
  • Because transfer printing is a digital image, you are able to achieve high definition (subject to the resolution of your image)
  • If your design has multiple colours and you have few products to brand, then transfer printing is generally more cost effective than screen printing

Important to note when designing a logo for transfer printing

  • You cannot transfer print over seams so the position of your branding needs to be considered
  • Not all fabrics can be transfer printed, as they cannot take the heat or pressure involved in the process of transfer printing
  • Pantone colours cannot be matched in this process