Whether you are wearing a T-shirt or cap with a company logo on it, that logo is clearly visible to everyone you interact with and you become a walking advert!

Imagine that, all your staff at your company or even the promo guys and girls at the bar can take your brand where ever they go. Which means everyone they interact with on a daily basis will be exposed to your logo, your brand and your company. Promotional gifts and corporate gifts are much the same in that if these products are handed out at an event or your staff use their branded diaries or pens when they visit clients it has the same effect, your logo and brand becomes an advert that can be targeted to the right market and remain visible, a constant reminder.

Some of the most successful and creative brands use corporate clothing and promotional gifts to their advantage in exactly this way with the results being sizeable. Your brand is seen as professional and you edge your company a step above the rest!

So how do you decide on the best branding technique when it comes to branding your logo on your chosen branded gifts or printed t-shirts? Well there are various forms of branding and each is ideal for a certain design of logo or material of product, and we are the people to help advise you on the technique best suited for your needs.

Have a look at all the forms of branding we can offer below, but if you are unsure of which is best for your needs just ask us at and we will gladly assist with our ideas


Screen Printing

Digital Transfer Printing (Heat Press Printing)

Other Branding Techniques best suited to promotional and corporate gifts
(laser engraving, pad printing, foiling, debossing and doming)